Wulfenite, Calcite, Vanadinite, Plattnerite (467)


Ahmad Abad, Yazd Prov., Iran


10,5 x 6,5 x 5 cm


I would like to show you some Wulfenite from a small find in 2014. The mine this stuff has been found is collapsed now, so there's only very limited specimens on the market. I obtained this material directly from the person who found it. This specimen is from a different kind which was rarely found there. It shows some thin, lighter colored crystals up to 2,4 cm lenght. The crystals are in a kind of vug and also have some Calcite on top. The black mineral you can see on some crystals is Plattnerite. And have you seen the Vanadinite also? These are the little red spots on photo 4, a fantastic paragenesis! The specimen is very aesthetic and 99%  undamaged. Great quality, especially for it's size.

This specimen is published in „Mineralienwelt“ magazine, issue 05, 2015.

Here's the article about this new find!

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