Tourmaline (765)


Mawi pegmatite, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan


6,9 x 0,7 x 0,6 cm


Indicolithe from the entire area is really rare and hard to obtain. Most crystals have the same problem as material from Brazil – they need strong light source to show internal color. But not so here – again, please note that I didn´t use lamps for photography. Images show the specimen only on light background, only daylight is enough to see the color. Also the saturation is very good – a deep intense blue (not this common steel-blue, nearly it tends to Tanzanite). The clarity is fine, too – no cracks, cut quality!
The specimen consist of two larger inter grown crystals, a smaller third one is inter grown at the lower base. All end pointed, all lustrous, in perfect condition all around.



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