Tourmaline (762)


Malkhan, Krasnyi Chikoy, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia


6,1 x 1,2 x 1,1 cm


The crystal is sharp terminated with pyramidal end-points. Between the triangular end points there are additional, sharp terminated, thin faces (about 1mm). The crystal including end points shows perfect luster all around. The top shows an intense red-purple concentration of color, then it turns to lighter pink-violet color and – most uncommon – you can see yellow to orange color tones at the lower base. The crystal is water-clear and gemmy and shows only minor internal cracks, I would say 90% of the crystal are in cut-quality. The color tones of violet; purple; pink to yellow; orange are very uncommon; in association with the clarity and luster really exceptional. Most crystals from the area need strong backlight, they have more inclusions and less translucency. I also photographed this crystal only on light background without any light-effects just under daylight. No significant damages to report.


2520 Euro

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