Tourmaline (427)


Dara-i-Pech District, Konar Province, Afghanistan


5,7 x 1,7 x 1,6 cm


The crystal shows a light pink phantom at the base, then it becomes intense green. To the top green color switches to cyan-blue color. This blue cap is not very good visible on the photos, camera wash´t able to catch color-tones from green to blue the same way as human eye does. All photos are done under daylight, no backlit at all. Images show the specimen very natural, without any light-effects, this is the same impression that you will have when you hold it in your hand. When backlit colors are much more intense. And blue cap is really better in person!
The crystal is glossy all around, end-points are partly glossy. Complete all around, no damages or contacts.


2.200 Euro

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