Stibnite (575)


Cashan Mine, Nandan Co., Hechi Prefecture, Guangxi, China


6,9 x 5,2 x 4,2 cm


First it is important to make a difference to specimen from Wuling. Wuling produced large crystals – they are much lighter and never on matrix. Cashan Mine produced dark, nearly black sprays sometimes with iridiscent blue layers. Wuling produced lot of quantity only short time ago and is still productive – Cashan is non-productive and specimen are from old finds.
Now more about the particular specimen: the matrix is very light grey to nearly white. The sprays are very dark, nearly black and some crystals show a dark blue layer. All crystals are very sharp and lustrous. Great visula impact, very aesthetic and more tridimensional in person. Both sprays are very exposed and in fine condition damage-wise. Backside of the specimen was extracted from the rock.


480 Euro

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