Sphalerite, Baryte, Fluorite (945)


Beihilfe Mine, Halsbrücke, Freiberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany


5,7 x 4,3 x 1,3 cm


As I'm collecting specimens from Saxony I'm always looking out for specimens like these. It's the 2nd one I saw since 2000. The 1st is in my collection and this one can be yours now.
The matrix consists mainly of crystrallized BAyrite with underlaying Fluorite, both minerals are very well crystallized. But the highlight is the ruby red Sphalerite! The crystals are up to 3 mm large with very high luster and awesome color. Some crystals are even gemmy!
The specimen is from a single find back in the 1960s, with these isolated crystals in this quality and size (micro-crystals were not that rare). The specimen is in fine condition.
Be sure to get a real classic which is very seldom to obtain.



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