Silver, Akhantite (947)


Freiberg, Saxony, Germany


5 x 4 x 3 cm


This specimen is from the Dr. Robert Patzak collection in Vienna. This kind of silver specimen is classic for the Freiberg-district and quite hard to obtain nowadays.
It belongs to the silver-rich formation in Freiberg called "edle Braunspat-Formation". It can be translated with noble Baryte-formation. The were the richest veigns in this are and famous for its silver specimens. Unfortunatly most specimens were used for silver coins or belong to collections today. I was happy to find such a specimen.
The matrix consits of baryte (Braunspat). The silver is beautiful and very fine crystallized all over and developed like feathers. This is one of the most beautiful shapes I've seen from Freiberg. The specimen is undamaged and in very fine condition. I had it in my display of a while and it was a real eyecatcher because of richness and structure.



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