Quartz, var. Gwindel (313)


Zinggenstock, Grimsel, Berner Oberland, Switzerland


8,5 x 4,8 x 4,1 cm


The Gwindel shows very dark smoky color with brown to red tones and is barely flawless. It is a closed Gwindel, so some extra-points for rarity. Faces are very lustrouse and it is also well developed backside. The rotation is remarkable. At the backside there are some intergrown smoky crystals (you can see them through the Gwindel) and even bottom is crystalized and not exracted from the rock, so I would call this a floater. There are minor nicks, but not significent. A closed Gwindel in this dimension, color and quality is very hard to obtain and represents a great rarity.


1.800 Euro

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