Prase, Calcite, Dolomite, Calcite (936)


Trepca mine, Kosovo


19 x 16 x 8,5 cm


This specimen was part of a very small find in August 2017. A few specimens of this kind have been found and this was the best. The item shows more than one special. My first attention on this one was caught by the huge crystals in the middle. It it a pseudomorph of dolomit after calcite. The structure is very interesting, at a few points you can have a look inside. These pseudomorphs are partly covered by calcite-crystals with a beautiful luster and termination. The second special is the green quartz (prase), which is a rarety in Trepca. The quartz is developed as groups hosting around the huge pseudomorphs. The color is wonderful green, the crystals are in very good condition, just like the specimen itself. Be sure to get an outstanding specimen from Trepca.



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