Fluorite, Schorl (527)


Hohenstein, Erongo Mts., Erongo Reg., Namibia.


2,5 x 2,4 x 2,5 cm


This crystal shows an amazing habit: first it is a cube, then you can see cub-octahedral modifications at the edges, but that´s not all. On the faces there is some king´d of texture – this is also a modification; pyramidal steps with square basal face – you can´t see this very clear on photography, but in person it´s amazing. You have to rotate it and look at it in the right angle to see this modification, it´s just a detail but it makes this specimen very special.
It is from a different locality (Hohenstein is a big mountain, many different clefts were found there, the famous locality for Alien-Fluorites – named Kudubis – is also on Hohenstein for example). Next to habit also color is completely different to the other specimen. The green is much more warm and it the center it shows a strong touch of yellow.
Last important thing: the thin black needles are Schorl crystals. Some are inter grown to surface, others are completely inside the Fluorite as inclusions.
5 of 6 faces are complete, the backside (one face) was inter grown to a Quartz crystal, so contacted.



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