Fluorite, Quartz (850)


Riemvasmaak, Northern Cape Province, South Africa


10,2 x 7,0 x 2,0 cm


Most times the really tranparent crystals don´t show this very best emerald-green color. But I can tell you one thing: the color on the photo is understatement! It shows really this very best color AND it is transparent (partly you can see the matrix underneath) AND it is very glossy AND it doesn´t show internal cracks – this is the absolutely best quality from this locality. I remember the first time, when this material was exhibited at the Munich show a couple of years ago. First I was impressed by color and crystal size – but on the second view I was disappointed, because the were now isolated crystals and no aesthetic pieces.
Now this one is in best quality and it is an isolated crystal in association with very aesthetic assemble. Really – it couldn´t be better.
The main crystal is sharp terminated, the faces show beautiful texture – and the size is also impressive: 31mm on edges and 39mm across.



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