Fluorite, Adularia (886)


Aiguille de Pierre Joseph, Talèfre glacier, Mont Blanc Massif, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France


4,8 x 4,4 x 4,5 cm


This crystal is as red as a Fluorite can be! It is sharp terminated along the edges, the faces are etched and show a really very attractive micro-texture. The Fluorite is well developed all around, not cleaved or extracted!!!
This raspberry red color is famous for Mont Blanc, except Frunthorn I don´t know any other alpine locality, which produce such a spectacular color. And it was a very small discovery – the cleft includes only a few specimen and this was the best! It was found in season 2009 by the French cristallier (French equivalent to „Strahler“) G. Jac.
The assemble looks like a mushroom, the matrix is smaller than the crystal. It consists of tiny snowy white, sharp terminated Adularia crystals, small Smoky quartz crystals are also present. At the backside a light smoky quartz is inter grown to the Fluorite. Spectacular, impressive color, wonderful aesthetic assemble! No significant damages to report.



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