Fluorite (708)


Weisseck Mt., Lungau, Salzburg, Austria


21,0 x 18,5 x 8,1 cm


This is an exceptional specimen from a recent discovery of a new cleft on Weisseck mountain. This find will be introduced to collectors at the Mineral-Info days at the Bramberg Museum. During 7 years two local field-collectors followed the Fluorite veins 18 meters deep inside the mountain at the altitude of 2700 meters - most time of year covered with snow and ice. Even in August the cleft developed large ice-crystals. The conditions were hard, the quantity was low. This particular specimen consists of intergrown, modified crystals. The Fluorite shows very good transperency - that is one significant difference to most Fluorite specimen from the famous summit-cleft. Material from Summit-cleft needs strong backlight. But although this sample is really large and 8cm thick it only needs a window or minor backlight to show the internal colors. The colors are also different to summit-cleft, they look more like pastell-colors. There are various steps and tomes of ice-blue to blue-green - looks more impressive in person! The assemble is very tri-dimensional and this whole in the center makes it even more remarkable. Backside was on the rock, no significant damages to report.


1800 Euro

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