Fluorite (600)


3rd Cavern, Summit Cleft, Weisseck Mt., Salzburg, Austria


5,2 x 4,1 x 3,4 cm


This specimen is from the so called "Jackpot Pocket", discovered in season 2004. Usually all fluorite from the locality are etched, this one is an exception. Inside a huge (40to50cm) fluorite-vein a bubble opened, inside this bubble 5 good specimen were developed.They were protected from erosion inside fluorite. These specimen shows amazing texture, looks like each faces consists of countless squares. The translucency is very high and teh specimen shows incredible internal color. I used only minor backlit for photography and it appears in various steps of violet, purple, blue and blue-green. This specimen stands out the crowd and it is one of only 5 in this quality. So it should be ranked very high for it´s quality and rarity. The discovery of "Jackpot pocket" was published in Mineralogical Records Magazine (July-August issue in 2010). The specimen is undamaged, backside was on the rock.


1440 Euro

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