Fluorite (309)


Hilton Mine, Scordale, Cumbria, N-England, UK


5,4 x 4,1 x 3,7 cm


First about the locality: The area is closed now, British Army is testing weapons ther, no one can enter the old mines. The crystal is out an old collection. The colour represents the best yellow color – apologizes to Illinois, but this is better.
The specimen features an intense yellow, exposed main crystal (19mm on edges). The crystal is water clear, you see the matrix underneath. Concerning color, assemble and luster – it coudn´t be better. There are small damages at not so prominent crystals and minor chips on the main crystal. Overall it shows a fantastic visual impact, the color is really amazing. I tried to show the vicinal faces on the upper left corner. If I show too much luster it would look over lighted and you cannot see the internal color, which is so important. Great stuff from this famouse old classic locality.


400 Euro

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