Fluorite (139)


Eastgate Quarry, Weardale, United Kingdom


10,8 x 8,5 x 5,3 cm


The locality is very special - the quarry is floated since decades, no there is no chance to dig there and no new material will ever come to the market. The crystals show one significent attribute: there is a phantom which is decentralised, it touches the edges of the crystal on along two edges. The colour of the crystals is green, it is typically for Weardale to show daylight-fluorescence and in case of this locality it is the phantom which shows the best daylighteffect and switches to intense violet-blue colour. The matrix is covered with tiny crystals of first generation, set in the center a main group (about 4cm across) with very clear and glossy penetration twins, which are up to 18mm on edges. Surprisingly undamaged!


1.100 Euro

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