Epidote (844)


Knappenwand, Untersulzbach valley, Salzburg, Austria


6,8 x 5,1 x 1,0 cm


It is really a challenge to find something really COLORFUL, gemmy and aesthetic from Alps. The locality is famous –
Knappenwand produced the very best Epidote specimen world-wide.
Pakistan has larger ones, but their color is not as good as the alpine ones –so this historic locality in Austrian Alps is still the best place on Earth for Epidote. Most times the crystals are thick, so they are not translucent or they show only a little bit of their color with strong backlight.
That´s why this specimen is so special – I didn´t use backlight for the photo, just daylight behind the piece. The translucency is superb – you see this color when you hold it against the window!!! The assemble is only 9mm from front to back, so you see this spectacular color. And the specimen consists of three inter grown crystals – so you also can see the pleochroismus very well!
The assemble is very aesthetic – it reminds me to a windmill. The
backside is also complete and not less attractive as front-display and
the crystals show incredible good luster all around. By the way – there are no broken crystals; they are all end-pointed and sharp terminated. A very uncommon, rare and remarkable specimen for Knappenwand – highly recommended



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