Epidote (408)


Alchuri, Shigar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


5,5 x 4,2 x 2,9 cm


Epidote shows pleocroism, that means that it shows more green color under one angle and under different angle color switches to brown-red. So when you rotate the specimen it will always change color, depending the angle you look at it. The particular sample is developed as floater, all crystals are sharp terminated and of excellent clarity and it doesn´t need any backlit to show interal color. (barely flawless). Intergrwon crystals are typically for Alchuri, but usually they only form plates. This sample stands out from the crowd, it´s not only a plate. The groups of inter grown crystals are growing in all directions, the one in the middle is rectangular to the group on left and right hand side. It is on best quality, assemble is very uncommon and tridimensional, looks great in various angles. In excellent condition, undamaged.


650 Euro

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Epidote, Pakistan
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