Baryte, Sphalerite (814)


Turt Mine, Negresti Oas, Satu Mare, Romania


8,0 x 5,2 x 6,6 cm


The matrix consists of black massive Sphalerite. On it´s surface it developed sharp, translucent, brown-red tiny crystals. Some areas are covered with brownish Siderite. So we have this wonderful contrast of small light brown Siderite and dark red brown Sphalerite crystals. At the most exposed area of this matrix you can see a spectacular assemble of Baryte. The Baryte group is 50mm from left to right hand side, 46mm from front to backside and about 39mm tall. It is complete all around. The crystals are colorless. On my photos it looks more white, but in person they are completely glassy. And all of them are highly lustrous!
The assemble couldn´t be more aesthetic, a wonderful specimen! No significant damages to report.


460 Euro

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