Baryte, Galena (912)


Nistru, Baia Mare, Maramureș Co., Romania


10,5 x 6,8 x 6,8 cm


A very uncommon specimen from a very rare locality – Nistru was a Gold Mine, which start production around 1820, later on it produced ores. Material from Nistru is rare, is closed decades ago. And the combination is also very uncommon: the matrix is covered with a light grey layer of micro Quartz crystals. On it you can see several sharp crystals of Galena, which form a mound. On the most exposed area a large, sharp terminated and lustrous Baryte crystal raise up between the Galena crystals. A few smaller Baryte crystals are also attached, they are all freestanding and on same high quality. They are all very light, not completely whitemore like ivory. The assemble is very aesthetic and tridimensional. No significant damages to report, looks great in various positions.



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