Arsenopyrite, Rhodochrosite, Sphalerite (904)


Trepca mine, Kosovo


10,5 x 8,5 x 5,5 cm


Trepca is one of the few mine producing in Europe, known for it's beautiful specimens. Some of the minerals that are really rare is fine arsenopyrite and rhodochrosite. I don't know why, but well crystallized arsenopyrite is not a common mineral.
This specimen is is not just fine, it's perfect.
The aresenopyrite is the dominating minerals crystallized sharp and excellent. At some areas you can still see the older sphalerite, developed as highly lustrous crystals in dark black.
Both minerals togheter would make an attractive specimen, but this one shows some perfect crystallized rhodochrosite as well. It is present at a few isolated spots with a beautiful color. The crystals are sharp terminated, no crusts etc.
This is a very attractive item that can't be found every day. Some small quartz-crystals are also present...



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