Aquamarine, Schorl (423)


Farm Niwodt, Erongo Mts., Erongo Region, Namibia


6,0 x 4,4 x 4,3 cm


This has nothing in common with material from
recent finds during the last years – it was mined decades ago, during the
80ties. First there is very fine clarity, then you can see additional
faces at the end-points and finally we have this Pakistan-like color,
completely different to new material. I show one photo with dark
background, but dark colored background changes impression of color and so
I did a second photo with specimen lying just on white paper. This shot
shows the color 100% naturally under daylight conditions.
The assemble with the Schorl at the base reminds me to sweep well. The
shot on paper shows the specimen with Schorl at the top, which is in fact
the wrong position – but so you can see that even the Schorl is well
terminated and glossy. The Aquamarine is double terminated, both
end-points show amazing modifications. No damages, no contacts! 



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