Mineral Show – Eisenerz 2012

Eisenerz with the Styrian Erzberg is very well known to most collectors for it’s fine minerals, some of them belong to the best in the world. Mining has a very long tradition in this area, even the old Romans mined for iron.

In this view it’s a little confusing that the 2012 show was the first one after approx. 20 years. So it’s a restart from the very beginning – with only 15 sellers. The show took place in the old “Kammerhof“ which has a very fine interiors with wooden walls, floors etc.

Because it’s a very local show the focus of the sellers was local, also. Most minerals I’ve seen were from the Styrian Erzberg and other alpine locations. I mentioned only a few international specimens.

The best specimens I’ve seen were definetly the aragonites (var. flos ferri) from the Styrian Erzberg. From tiny samples up to one museum sized specimen everything was offered. Unfortunately I missed to buy the best piece by only 30 seconds!

Nevertheless I was able obtain some beautiful pieces for my collection (i.e. green flos ferri or a curiosity “birds-nests” from flos ferri).

This picture shows a very fine aragonite "birds nest" from the Styrian Erzberg. The item's size is 11 x 7 x 3 cm with an excellent quality.

The show was small, so I didn’t expect much in the special show, themed “Minerals from the Styrian Erzberg”. But I was wrong! In 2 separate rooms on the next floor was one of the best special shows I’ve seen on a local show.

There were 8 showcases filled with some of the best specimens that have been found at the Styrian Erzberg. The showcases were themed and very attractive and you can see on the photos. I’ve spend more than half an hour to look at all these beauties – this was the shows highlight. 

The 1st showcase contained mainly ankerite, one of the primary iron minerals mined at the Styrian Erzberg for more than 1.000 years.

Very well attractive displayed in this showcase were quartz-crystals and some nice aragonite-fusions.


It was very surprising to see such a variety of calcites from the Styrian Erzberg, attractive specimens are very rare.

The showcase with the aragonite "Flos-Ferri" was the highlight, some of the world's best items were shown.

This showcase was filled with some bizzare grown aragonites and barely found gypsum on the right hand side.

Until the dicovery of chinese cinnabar the Styrian Erzberg produced the worlds best cinnabar with crystals up to 1,5 cm size.

The last case contained a selection of various minerals and some "Eisenbluetenkastl" under the glass.

I hope that this show will take place next year again, but some sellers were not very optimistic. We will see…

Hosting & design: Trans-IT Ratzesberger