Natural History Museum Vienna - 2

The mineral collection - part 2

by Robert Kunze

This is now the 2nd part of my articles about the mineral collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna/Austria. After part 1 was about the highlights I want to show you some specimens of the systematic collection which has some amazing pieces.

Probably you know that I'm mainly collecting minerals from Saxony/Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.Due to my personal interest I've set the focus on mineras from these areas. And also the collection contains a lot of great specimens from these countrys. Nevertheless I didn't miss to take photos of great or rare samples from all over the world.

I hope you'll enjoy the second part of my photo-report. Please note that all photos were taken trough glass and may not be 100% sharp. Thanks for understanding!

IMG 7172k

amazing copper-specimen, about 8 cm high. Unfortunatly I forgot the location...

IMG 7173k

fascinating silver-specimen from Jacymov, Czech Republic (approx. 8 cm high)

IMG 7174k

a rare specimen for Rateborske Hory in Czech Republic. It is about 4 cm high but very interesting due to it's origin.

IMG 7175k

6 cm wide specimen from a location near Ceske Budjevice, CZ

IMG 7176k

 another Jachymov-silver in excellent quality (approx. 4 cm wide)

IMG 7177k

and the 3rd one from Jachymov, 5 cm wide

IMG 7178k

a beautiful crystalized silver from Kongsberg, Norway (~ 5cm high)

IMG 7179k

Freiberg in Germany also produced some fine silver-specimen (about 5 cm high)

IMG 7180k

a great silver-specimen wit dentritic silver from Bolivia (6 cm wide)

IMG 7181k

very rare gold-sample from Salzburg/Austria (2 cm)

IMG 7183k

6 cm wide specimen with crystallized gold from Rosia Montana/Romania

IMG 7184k

another great sample from this location (8 cm wide)

IMG 7186k

well, no. 3 and 4 - each of them measures approx. 4 cm (I like those specimens)

IMG 7187k

close-up on a very fine crystallized romanian gold-specimen (FOV: 4 cm)

IMG 7188k

2 excellent high quality gold-specimens from Rosia Montana (FOV: 6 cm)

IMG 7189k

very interesting gold-specimen from Fata Bal, Romania (size: ~ 5 cm)

IMG 7190k

fine US-gold specimen (width: ~ 4cm)

IMG 7191k

gold from Beresovsk can not often be seen in collections, I was happy so see this one (size: 6 cm)

IMG 7193k

very good, historic specimen of crystallized Moschellandsbergite from the type-location (size: 3-4 cm)

IMG 7194k

rarely seen specimen with native sulphur from northern Bohemia, Czech Republic (size: ~ 8cm)

IMG 7195k

south-african diamonds (FOV: 6 cm)

IMG 7197k

very fine graphite-specimen from Canada (size: 6 cm)

IMG 7199k

beautiful sylvanite specimen from the type-location Baia de Aries/Romania (size: 7 cm)

IMG 7200k

2 other great samples of sylvanite from this location (FOV: 12 cm)

IMG 7202k

one of the best sylvanite I've seen so far (size: ~ 6 cm)

IMG 7203k

beautiful rhodochrosite with argentite from Romania (size: 6 cm)

IMG 7205k

as I'm a fan of slovak minerals I was amazed to see this beautiful argentite from Banska Stiavnica / Slovakia (size: 7 cm)

IMG 7206k

another great sample of argenite as huge crystals from Banska Stiavnica (size: 5 cm)

IMG 7207k

very good sized argentite from Banska Stiavnica (crystalsize > 1 cm!)

IMG 7208k

and this is my personal favourite: argenite on quartz from Banska Stiavnica in perfect condition (size: 7 cm)

IMG 7209k

 very good crystallized argentite with 1 cm large cystals from Freiberg/Germany

IMG 7210k

another classic item showing sharp edged argenite on matrix (Jachymov, Czech Republic)

IMG 7212k

a classic specimen: chalcocite from Cornwall/UK (size: 5 cm)

IMG 7213k

2 nice specimens od chalcocite from Bristol, Conneticut, USA (FOV: 10cm)

IMG 7214k

very attractive chalcocite from St. Just district in Cornall/UK (crystalsize: 1,5 cm)

I hope you enjoyed the second  part and had a good time! As usual, any This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is very welcome!


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