Natural History Museum Vienna - 1

The mineral collection - part 1

by Robert Kunze

Last year, on a trip to Vienna, I was able to visit the Museum of Natural History. It is located in Vienna's center in the Museumsquartier (museums-chapter). I was primary interested in the historic mineral collection shown there.

My intension was to take photos of historic mineral specimens and to show them to you. So this is the first part of my photos, I will put more online during the next time.

From the first moment I saw the historic builing that contains the collection I was impressed. The building is very huge and impressive. The outside is dececorated by statues of famous scientists.

The mineral collection inside is only one of many shown there. It is situated in 3 large rooms with many old wooden displays.  All rooms are very high and show oil-paintings of famouse locations on serverals sqaure-meters each. This is wonderful to see, the spirit is fantastic! The paintings show famous mining locations, basicly in the former Austrian monarchy (until 1918).

Unfortunatly I was not possible for me to take quality photos of the paintings and the rooms. I was focused on photographing the minerals specimens so I had my macro-lens with me only.

Probably you know that I'm mainly collecting minerals from Saxony/Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.Due to my personal interest I've set the focus on mineras from these areas. And also the collection contains a lot of great specimens from these countrys. Nevertheless I didn't miss to take photos of great or rare samples from all over the world.

I hope you'll enjoy the first part of my photo-report. Please note that all photos were taken trough glass and may not be 100% sharp. Thanks for understanding!

exellent Fluorite from an unknown location in Austria (crystalsize: ~3,5 cm)

 Halite as beautiful, fine wires on matrix (specimen-size: ~15 cm) from the worlds oldest salt-mine in Hallstatt/Austria

histoirc specimen of Stibnite from Schlainng/Austria with free stnding crystals was a rarity at this location (size: ~ 8cm)

I like Aragonite, this 15 cm large specimen from Schwaz/Austria caught my attention!

 Aragonite, the second: a great sample of Flos Ferri from the typle-location in Austria (size: ~20 cm)

excellent Malachite from Moldova (today located in Romania), size: ~15 cm

again, another fine Aragonite from a less known location in Austria (size: ~15 cm)

Sunk is a historic mining Area in Austria, famouse for it's Dolomite and Apatite. This item shows large Dolomite up to 8 cm lenght.

size: 20 cm

showy Fluorite with Sphalerite on a 20 cm large specimen

size: 15 cm with spectacular crystals (better than on the photo)

another very insteresting specimen from the Hallstatt salt-mine: Halite on matrix with pieces of pinechip (used by the old miners for light)

superb Stibnite wth a size of 20 cm

exceptional Stibnite from Kremnica (today Slovakia) with 30 cm width

very rich Sylvanite from Baia de Aries, Romania (former Offenbanya), size: 25 cm

Stephanite from Pribram /CZ, height: 15-20 cm

very good Arsenopyrite with crystals up to 3,5 cm

20 cm wide specimen with Harmotom from Scotland/UK

very rare to see these days: fine Mimetite from the type-location (size: ~ 15 cm)

beautiful Beryl var. Aquamarin from the alpine location Untersulbach-valley in Austria

~15 cm wide specimen of intensive colored Amazonite from Pikes Peak/USA

20 cm typical pegmatite-specimen with Quartz and Orthoclase from Strzegom, Poland

one of the most remarkable specimens in this collection: perfect Malachite from Schwaz, Austria (size: ~ 15 cm)

I'm still looking for a good specimen of Euchroite ;-) It doesn't have the quality of this 15 cm high specimen from L'ubietova/Slovakia

As I'm a fan of minerals from czech Republic I had to photograph this perfect 10 cm vug with Scolezite from northern Bohemia

there a few typical minerals from Austria: I think Emerald from Habach-valle is one of them (FOV: ~20 cm)

the most impressive stuff: this great specimen of Halite from Wiliczka/Poland. It is about 1 m wide!

for me it would be ok to own the smaller ones next to the big one ;-) Exciting!

beautiful hair-salt from Wiliczka/Poland on a ~40 cm wide specimen

classic specimen: fine sceptered Amethiyst from Banska Stiavnica/Slovakia (size: 20 - 25 cm)

one of the finest Amethyst from Banska Stiavnica, a 20 cm wide specimen with spectacular color!

25cm high Amethyst from Zillertal valley, in Austria. Much better in person and really impressive

one of my favourite minerals: Flos Ferri (Aragonite) from Styrian Erzberg/Austria (about 30 cm wide)

I hope you enjoyed the first part and had a good time! As usual, any This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is very welcome!


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